Magician, Mentalist & Hypnotist

My new program *Out of this world* offers you and your employees, customers and business associates – but also your family in private life – entertainment at the highest stage. It is about a prediction tailor-made for your needs or your company as for example the equity price of your company, lottery numbers or something creative your guests may only think of during the evening. The possibilities are almost unlimited! Absolutely inexplicable and fascinating … The reactions are overwhelming. Moreover it has to do with the differences between auditory and visual perception and with the phenomenon mind reading. Is it possible or do you just experience subtle suggestions?

How effective can our subconscious mind be and how are we able to improve our life being aware of its power?

Performing on international TV shows he fascinated an audience of millions. Spectators all over the world have meanwhile marveled at this man bending metal and glass. He is competent to do things that do simply not seem to be explainable by laws of nature. With this man, the boundaries between fantasy and reality, between truth and imagination get blurred. Let us take you to a fantastic journey to a magic world where things are possible which you have not even been dreaming of.

„Shows around the world“

Mauritius – Beachcomber Hotel Dinarobin

Austria – Gourmet-Restaurant Steirereck, Vienna

Canada – German Embassy, Ottawa

South Korea – MBC TV, Seoul

Spain – Mhares Sea Club, Mallorca

Australia – Royal Perth Hospital

Switzerland – The Dolder Grand, Zurich

Spain – Restaurant Mirabé, Barcelona

USA – Entertainmentbus, Orlando, Miami

South Africa - Southern Sun Cape Sun Hotel, Cape Town

Germany – nationwide

Ireland – K Club Hotel, Dublin

Switzerland – Port de Neuchâtel, Neuenburg

Thailand – Red Mountain Golf Club, Phuket

Morocco – La Villa des Orangers, Marrakech

The Magician

Close-up Magic

You can experience unbelievable feats and exceptional experiments at first hand. A funny, breathtaking, exciting, astonishing, fascinating, unique, overwhelming and entertaining show. You will never forget this evening. Things will happen you have never seen before and perhaps will never see again. Wineglasses and forks will bend before your very eyes, in your hands! People could forget their own names, thoughts will be divined and paper will change within a blink of the eye to real money. Guests who have seen the show will not believe their eyes anymore. The unbelievable just before your eyes! (We do not assume liability for sleepless nights.) Laughing and astonished faces, a mixture of psychology, hypnosis and subtle dexterity force this type of magic to be a far-reaching adventure!
The Mentalist

Stand-up Magic

Imagine you experience first-hand how two people get connected not just mentally but even physically – although there are several meters between them! Does this touch of magic not warm everyone’s heart? Besides the above mentioned unbelievable thought experiment you will also witness an anatomical miracle. Even medical specialists do not have a clue … You may test it yourself! Metal will bend before your very eyes and perhaps I can find a brave volunteer who tries to let levitate a whole table – as if by magic. Even the most secret things can be revealed during my show. Would you believe that the pin of an ATM card can be demised from one person to another just mentally? Convince yourself … one can do many more things!

The Infotainer

Business Magic / Infotainment

For you as a company it is important to call attention for yourself and your products resp. services. Business magic is a wonderful way to magnetically attract customers while performing tailor-made acts standing in front of your booth. This type of magic attracts many visitors and creates an informal atmosphere that makes customers feel more comfortable at your exhibition stand because magic serves as medium of communication. Magic suits perfectly for giving information about a product telling histories. Danny Ocean takes a stand for your success and makes the customer feel that your company is truly interested in him/her personally. The interaction between magical effects and the most important information about your products resp. services will make a lasting impression on everybody. Infotainment de luxe!

“I coined him a Reality Hacker, through his 'magicianship' he has the means to focus our attention upon some of the simple wonders in our world of space and time.”


Ron Nyisztor
Artist, Perth
Western Australia

“Danny's "magic fun" is a form of recreation in the most social sense of the word, it leaves you wide eyed and grinning.”


Gillian Swaby
Non-Executive Director
Panoramic Resources Ltd., Australia

"The show was phenomenal, I could not believe what I was seeing!.. and I am an ophthalmologist! The rubber bands defied logic as they moved through each other??? I was at my wits end to comprehend what was taking place before my eyes!"


Dr. Stanley Chasm
Point Walter Reserve
West Australia

„What he let happen with the simplest things right in front of my eyes drove me almost out of my mind. After a while I stopped thinking about it and just let me carry off, to a world I couldn't understand.”


Martin Zapf


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